This year six papers have been accepted for presentation at the workshop:

  • Luca Bedogni, Andrea Alcaras, and Luciano Bononi. Permission-free Keylogging through Touch Events Eavesdropping on Mobile Devices
  • Rashmi Gupta and Cathal Gurrin. Considering Manual Annotations in Dynamic Segmentation of Multimodal Lifelog Data
  • Matias Garcia-Constantino, Jessica Beltran-Marquez, Dagoberto Cruz-Sandoval, Irvin Hussein López-Nava, Jesus Favela, Andrew Ennis; Chris Nugent, Joseph Rafferty, Ian Cleland, Jonathan Synnott, and Netzahualcoyotl Hernandez-Cruz. Semi-automated Annotation of Audible Home Activities
  • Javier Medina Quero, Federico Cruciani, Lorenzo Seidenarii, Macarena Espinilla Estevez, and Chris Nugent. Straightforward Recognition of Daily Objects in Smart Environments from Wearable Vision Sensor
  • David Schindler, Kristina Yordanova, and Frank Krüger. An annotation scheme for references to research artefacts in scientific publications
  • Radu-Casian Mihailescu and Karl Casserfelt. An investigation of transfer learning for deep architectures in group activity recognition