Situation models describe the situation in which a person is acting. These could be objects they are manipulating, locations where the tasks are executed, physical and cognitive state of the person, weather conditions etc. Situation models are used in situation-aware assistance systems to reason about the user state, goals, and the best way in which to assist the user.

Situation models are difficult to develop as one needs domain experts in order to identify the relevant concepts and relations between them. To reduce the effort in manually building the situation model, our tool is able to automatically generate the model from textual instructions.

For more details on situation models, have a look at the following paper:

  • “Situation Model for Situation-aware Assistance of Dementia Patients in Outdoor Mobility”, which can be downloaded from here.

More details on the automatic generation of situation models can be found in the following paper

  • “Automatic Generation of Situation Models for Plan Recognition Problems”, which can be downloaded here.