This year seven papers have been accepted for presentation at the workshop:

  1. Rebecca Adaimi, Ka Tai Ho, and Edison Thomaz (University of Texas at Austin, USA). Usability of a Hands-Free Voice Input Interface for Ecological Momentary Assessment
  2. Anooshmita Das and Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard (University of Southern Denmark, Denmark). Activity Recognition using Multi-Class Classification inside an Educational Building
  3. Christopher Reining, Fernando Moya Rueda, Friedrich Niemann and Gernot Fink (TU Dortmund University, Germany), and Michael ten Hompel (TU Dortmund, University of Technology & Fraunhofer-Institut Materialflow and Logistics, Germany). Annotation Performance for multi-channel time series HAR Dataset in Logistics
  4. Edison Thomaz (University of Texas at Austin, USA). Activiome: A System for Annotating First-Person Photos and Multimodal Activity Sensor Data
  5. Emma L. Tonkin, Miquel Perello Nieto, Haixia Bi, and Antonis Vafeas (University of Bristol, UK). Towards a methodology for acceptance testing and validation of monitoring bodyworn devices
  6. Kristina Yordanova, Albert Hein, and Thomas Kirste (University of Rostock, Germany). Kitchen Task Assessment Dataset for Measuring Errors due to Cognitive Impairments
  7. Kristina Yordanova (University of Rostock, Germany). Towards Automated Generation of Semantic Annotation for Activity Recognition Problems