After completing the reviewing process we selected 5 papers. They are listed below:

Paper titleAuthor(s)
Benchmarking Annotation Procedures for Multi-channel Time Series HAR DatasetHülya Avsar; Erik Altermann; Christopher Reining; Fernando Moya Rueda; Gernot Fink; Michael Hompel
Signaligner Pro: A tool to explore and annotate multi-day raw accelerometer dataAditya Ponnada; Seth Cooper; Qu Tang; Binod Thapa-Chhetry; Josh Aaron Miller; Dinesh John; Stephen Intille
Towards EEG-based Performance Assessment in Dataset Annotation TasksSilvia M Massa; Marta Pibiri; Daniele Riboni
Discovering Types of Smartphone Usage Sessions from User-App InteractionsBjörn Friedrichs; Liam D Turner; Stuart Allen
Data Labelling in the Wild: Annotating Free-Living Activities and Parkinson’s Disease SymptomsCatherine Morgan; Farnoosh Heidarivincheh; Ian Craddock; Ryan McConville; Miquel Perelló Nieto; Emma L. Tonkin; Alessandro Masullo; Antonis Vafeas; Mickey Kim; Roisin McNaney; Gregory Tourte; Alan Whone

The following keynotes will be presented as well in addition to the papers:

Keynote: Machine learning and data analysis of multimodal affective and pain dataPrivatdozent Dr. Friedhelm Schwenker (University of Ulm)
Keynote: Training with imperfect and weak labelsAssociate Professor Raul Santos-Rodriguez (University of Bristol)