Below you will find the program for ARDUOUS2022 which will take place on 25.03.2022 (Friday). Please, make sure to check this page regularly, since some changes may occur. All times are given in Central European Time (CET).

8:15 – 8:30 Introduction to the Workshop

8:30 – 9:15 ARDUOUS: Retrieval-based annotation of multi-channel time series data for HAR

Retrieval-based Annotation of Multi-channel Time Series Data for HAR: Erik Altermann, Fernando Moya Rueda, Eugen Rusakov, Gernot Fink. [Teaser]

9:15 – 9:30 Break

9:30 – 10:30 Paper session: Annotation Frameworks

15 minutes paper presentation + 5 minutes Q&A

The Weak Supervision Landscape: Rafael Poyiadzi, Daniel Bacaicoa Barber, Jesús Cid Sueiro, Miquel Perelló Nieto, Peter Flach, Raul Santos-Rodriguez. 

ActiveSense: A Novel Active Learning Framework for Human Activity Recognition Tasks: Farzad Shahabi, Yang Gao, Nabil Alshurafa. [Teaser]

Machine Learning to Automate the Visual Interpretation of Chemical Agglutination Tests: Sidharth Gupta, Alexandros Sklavounos, Joshua Dahmer, Anthony Yong, Mohammed Abdullah, Gilberto Camacho, Keith Morton, Matthew Shiu, Jean Labrecque, Teodor Veres, Aaaron Wheeler, Alex Mariakakis. 

10:30 – 10:45 Break

10:45 – 11:45 Paper session: Applied Annotation

15 minutes paper presentation + 5 minutes Q&A

Annotation Scheme for Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction Tasks in the Domain of People with Dementia: Sumaiya Suravee, Teodor Stoev, David Schindler, Iris Hochgraeber, Christiane Pinkert, Bernhard Holle, Margareta Halek, Frank Krüger, Kristina Yordanova.

BERT-Assisted Semantic Annotation Correction for Emotion-Related Questions: Abe F Kazemzadeh. [Teaser]

A machine learning approach to analyze rider’s effects on horse gait using on-body inertial sensors: Hamed Darbandi, Paul Havinga.

11:45 – 12:00 Break

12:00 – 13:00 Demonstration of annotation methods and tools

13:00 – 14:30 Break

14:30 – 15:30 Keynote: Adventures in annotation (Dr. Frank Krüger, University of Rostock)

15:30 – 15:45 Break

15:45 – 16:45 Interactive design of an annotation tool with Miro

16:45 – 17:00 Closing remarks and workshop summary